Save money by using solar energy at a fixed and competitive price.


The advantages of our solution

Take advantage of solar energy produced on your company’s roof, at a lower price than the market price.

Solar energy at a competitive price

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Buy energy cheaper than on the market.


Fix your price for 25 years, and avoid market volatility.


Consume local solar energy without investment and maintenance.

Peace of mind

Who is this offer for?

Industries, shops, communities,

With a minimum of 500 m2 of roof space.

Consuming more than 100,000 kWh per year.

Take advantage of our offer in just 3 steps:

Our experts will carry out a technical analysis and submit a binding offer


Estimate your savings potential


Our experts will carry out a technical analysis and submit a binding offer.


Finalise your offer


We carry out the installation at our expense, you consume the solar energy.


Save with your solar energy


Find all the details of our Solar Energy Contracting offer in a detailed brochure.

Read what our customers have to say

« The plant produces around 830,000 kWh per year, which corresponds to the consumption of 185 households.”

2020 | Vaud

« We have reduced our electricity consumption by almost 30% thanks to this solution. »

2021 | Tessin

« Lyreco wants to make the delivery with battery-powered 3.5 tonne trucks. We need the solar power for that as well. »

2021 | Dintikon (AG)



Yes, if you have a metal roof of more than 2,000 m2, but your consumption is less than 100,000 kWh, please ask for a quote. We can also carry out solar installations on covered carports for car parks, customised installations on the ground and solutions for agricultural greenhouses.

With our solution, you can concentrate on your core business. Keep your capital and energy to grow your business. Our solution allows you to budget for part of your energy costs and lower your bill. Free up resources from your teams and relieve them of the responsibility of optimising the performance of the solar power plant. Romande Energie will allow you to upgrade the plant with the latest technology to maximise your profits.

You have two options at the end of your contract: 1. You become the owner of the solar installation at no extra cost and continue to benefit from the solar energy produced on your roof. 2. You choose to extend your contract by 2 years and Romande Energie will take care of dismantling the solar installation for free.

When you consume local energy, you only pay for the energy and are exempt from paying taxes (except for VAT) and distribution costs. Market prices have historically been on an upward trend and the current context is particularly unfavourable. However, if you feel that the price of your solar energy is too high, we offer the possibility of buying back the solar power plant on your roof at any time.

Nothing. You can rest at ease, Romande Energie is in charge of the operation of the power plant. We guarantee its smooth operation.

Don’t worry! The contract will be transferred to the new owner who will be able to benefit from your solar tariff.

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